Conference update

Dear participants,

it is our current hope it might be possible to hold the Combinatorics conference in safety in 2022. Due the constant evolution of the pandemic there is still much uncertainty, but we expect that we shall be able to update the site with new information and details in the forthcoming weeks.

We thank you for your patience and understanding and hope it will be possible to see you in Mantua next year.

The conference committee

Important advice: Conference update

Dear participants,

with utmost regret we announce that, due to the still ongoing pandemic, we feel that it will not possible for the conference to be organized in 2021 in full safety. As such we inform that Combinatorics 2020 will not be held in 2021.

It is our deepest hope that it shall be possible to organize a new "Combinatorics" conference in 2022. We will endeavour to update all people which have espressed an interest in our conference with further details when they shall be available.


Here are some instructions: we give you the possibility of choosing between the following two options.
  1. If you feel it might be easier, you can leave the registration fee here and we shall consider it as a valid payment for a future "Combinatorics" conference, whenever it shall be. Should you change your mind at a later stage you shall receive your reimbursement then.
  2. We may issue your reimbursement now. You shall need to communicate the IBAN code of your bank account to our Conference e-mail address:
We thank you for your patience and understanding

The Organizing Committee



Combinatorics 2020 was supposed to be the 21st edition in a cycle of international conferences organized in Italy since 1981. Its aim would have been to present recent results in pure and applied combinatorics, together with their links to geometry, algebra, graph theory and their applications in coding, cryptography and information theory.


The conference should have taken place in Mantua (Italy) on June 1-5, 2020 in the campus of Fondazione UniverMantova located in Via Angelo Scarsellini, 2, Mantua (IT).


The main topics of interest would have included, while not limited to:

Plenary Speakers